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Advice from pioneers in the field of ophthalmology

  • Hard work, determination, good education avails many opportunities for the student, in any career path
  • You are your best advocate – show the world that you are a quality candidate for medicine by your positive attitude, strong work ethic, and passion to excel
  • No one can argue against a solid application
  • Don't be discouraged – keep pressing on toward your dream
  • Don't yield to the temptation to do things that are easy; it's hard work that makes you better
  • Seek the advice of a mentor – they have lived exactly where you are now and can provide invaluable advice and assistance as you embark on this journey
  • Medicine provides opportunity to explore new and exciting territories, with numerous options (either patient care, clinical or basic research, development of new techniques/equipment/medications/technologies). The possibilities are endless.



Ms. Dianne Barrett

Medical Student, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Winner of the Rabb-Venable Research award, medical student category, 2013

"If medicine is what you want to do, you must make some sacrifices"



Mr. Abayomi Fabunmi

Medical Student, Meharry Medical College

"Keep on pushing forward. . . no reason for you not to try"


O'Rese Knight, MD

Fellow, Glaucoma subspecialty

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Winner of the Rabb-Venable Excellence in Research Award, 2012

"Seek the help and advice of people who have come before you"




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